Fred’s specialty is custom woodcarving and sculpting. Each of his original carved wood statues or relief wood carvings will make beautiful addition to any home or institutional setting. Beside carving unique wood statues, Fred also creates one of a kind, custom designed ornamental,  decorative, and architectural  woodcarvings  and often carves replicas of missing or damaged wooden parts of antique furniture and fireplace mantels. Fred does not use power tools, all of his wood carvings are done by hand with chisels and gouges. If you are looking for original custom woodcarving, Fred is the right person to contact. Please visit Wood Sculptures and Relief Carving to see pictures of some of Fred’s dcarvings

Woodcarving and Sculpting by Fred Zavadil. Custom wood sculptures and ornamental relief carving, Mahogany

Fred found his niche in carving custom religious sculptures and catholic statuary and therefore majority of his original wood carvings is for religious institutions.  He has the ability to design and create original  liturgical art pieces  to suit any place of worship. Fred’s work includes resin, bronze, and wood statues of saints  and religious relief wood carvings. He also provides church sculpture restorations.

Hand carved statues of Jesus, mahogany and basswood, Woodcarving and Religious Sculptures by Fred Zavadil

If you would like to find out more about getting a woodcarving from Fred, please check  How to commission a wood carving for more information. You can also contact us at fred.zavadil@gmail.com

Wood Carving, Clay Modeling and Sculpting Classes

Fred also teaches woodcarving classes and clay modeling / sculpting classes (basic sculpting classes concentrating on human anatomy and face). Please email us for info and pricing. If you are a group of 4-5 people, we can set up a class / workshop based on your interest. “Relief carving” or “Bring what you want to carve”

Please check ‘Fred Zavadil Woodcarving and Sculpting Channel’ on YouTube to see Fred carving

Custom woodcarving and sculpting by Canadian master wood carver Fred Zavadil

Wood carving in Windsor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and USA

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