Church Art and Sculpture Restorations

Religious Art and Sculpture Restorations, Antique Restorations

*Religious Statue, St. Mary

Our studio provides religious art and religious sculptures restorations.  We specialize in repairing and repainting of old religious statues from wood, resin and plaster and in replacing of  broken/missing parts of  church furniture and religious art objects. We can also make replicas of your lost or broken liturgical art pieces.

Wood and plaster sculptures coming for restorations are usually covered with several layers of old paint, different parts are  broken or missing.  They first need to be stripped  stripped of old paint, after paint removal they are cleaned, missing parts are replaced, broken fingers, chipped edges, holes, scratches, and other damages are fixed. Then, the statues are ready to be painted again according to our client’s requirements.

Corpus, Cross, Religious Sculpture before and after RestorationsCorpus & Cross, Plaster sculpture restoration – before and after restoration and re-painting

Religious Art Restorations and Renovations

Religious Art and Sculpture Restorations, statues of saints after restoration




Liturgical Fabric Art




Antique Restorations & Art Restorations

Once in a while something really interesting and challenging makes it’s way to my studio. This basket with a rooster and a chicken came from a client who inherited it from her parents. It has been broken ever since she could remember.

If you are wondering about the difference in color before and after – there is no difference, only, the pictures were taken in very different light (in full daylight and in the evening with lights). The actual color is somewhere in between.

Liturgical / Church / Religious Art Restorations

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