When you think about commissioning a wood carving, you need to take into consideration that designing, sculpting and carving by hand is time consuming process. A large or small intricate carving will take several weeks to make and therefore you should inquire about timing and price as soon as you can to make sure that you get your desired piece on time.

Cost of each carving is individual and depends on many factors – originality, size, complexity, details, type of wood, finishing, etc. ….  A small, detailed, and intricate carving can take longer than simple, several times larger carving = small carving could be more expensive than a large one. Design and time needed to complete a carving is the major factor in pricing.

To give you an estimate we will need to know:

  1. What you would like to have carved and when you need it completed – to make sure that Fred will be able to complete your project on time.
  2. If you have a picture, please email it + all related information. We will need to know required size, wood (if you know), type of finishing – painted / stained, any changes to your picture, and any additional info you can provide.
  3. If you would like to have your carving custom designed, please call us to discuss the project or email a description and specifics about your project  – what you imagine, size, 3-D or relief, material, finishing (painted / stained), detailed or not, stylized or realistic – as much information as you can possibly provide.

When we get your information, Fred will give you a quote and also time when he will be able to start and finish your carving. Please take in consideration that he is usually busy and it will probably take some time before he can start working on your project.

If you decide to go ahead with your project, we will book the time needed for it’s completion and when Fred is ready to start working on it, we will send you a contract to sign. Fred will create a drawing or clay model of the project – upon your approval, we will require a 30% deposit. You will have access to our studio to oversee the progress (if you live in our area or any time you decide to come) or we will provide pictures, possibly short videos on Fred’s YouTube Channel. We require a second deposit – 30% – when the actual carving is about half way through. The final payment – 40% – is required when the project is finished. You will be responsible for taxes + shipping and handling costs (a lot of our clients come to pick up their carvings personally).

For your information….

Fred’s sculptures are carved from kiln dried wood and are not suitable for outside.

We don’t provide chainsaw carving services and don’t use fresh cut wood.

We are not a retail store and don’t have inventory of carved,  plaster, resin, or bronze sculptures.

We don’t make cheap reproductions of Fred’s carvings and don’t have them in different sizes.

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