Wood burning (Pyrography) Caricature Patterns

It seems that Fred got really caught in the “world of caricatures” and his latest experiment in this new world is pyrography – also known as wood burning. I should probably tell you that before sculpting and carving Fred used to paint  and draw realistic pictures of everything he came across and that he liked drawing and painting people most of all. He is  really good in it – too bad he likes carving more. For me, (Hana, his wife), his pencil drawings are the best – for this reason  I was trying to talk him into wood burning several times over the past few years. I finally succeeded in January  (2010) when he was not feeling well and had to stay at home away from his wood carving project. The results are  several woodburnings with caricature motives. Everybody seems to like them (me probably the most) and because friends and fellow carvers keep asking for patterns, Fred created patterns of the ones he likes the most.

At this moment we have 15 wood burning patterns available – 11 with cowboy and cowgirl caricatures2 pirates, 1 fairy, and 1 angel. They are available on paper (patterns + pictures of actual wood burnings for reference) and we also managed to put all 15 patterns and pictures on  DVD.


Cowboy and his Horse, Caricature pattern by Fred Zavadil, woodburning patterns

Cowboy and his horse, caricature wood burning pattern

Fred Zavadil, Woodcarving in Ontario

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St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen, woodcarving by Fred Zavadil