Fred has been carving custom religious sculptures for over 20 years now and his passion for liturgical art can be seen  in each of his works. Thanks to his sculpting abilities, his religious statues' faces express just about every feeling - pain, humility, sadness,  or love - and when you look at his wood carvings of Jesus, you will feel His pain. Fred specializes in catholic statuary but also has an extensive experience in designing and carving ecclesiastical  art suitable for any environment.Custom carved, wood sculpture, Jesus, (crucifix), religious sculpture

Fred' religious sculptures are made from different media including wood, resin, and bronze but wood is really his number one choice for church sculptures. His portfolio includes carved and customized catholic statues of many saints including sculptures of  Jesus,  Madonna, Madonna & Child, Mary, Holly Family, St. Josef, St. Michael, carved sculptures of angels, numerous religious relief  carvings, and other liturgical art pieces. You can find Fred's customized religious statues in churches and other religious institutions all around North America.

If you would like to get custom designed religious statues of saints, original religious woodcarvings, or any other church sculptures for your sacred place, please feel free to contact us. You will be dealing directly with Hana, Fred's wife, and with Fred avoiding the middle man or re-seller. Your sculpture will be carved in North America by Fred. It will also be an original – not a copy machine reproduction.

Please note that we don't have inventory of religious sculptures for sale and don't make or sell reproductions of Fred's carvings. Each statue is custom designed original and is carved according to client's specifics. Also, please keep in mind that carving is time consuming process, the more intricate carving, the longer time it takes to complete. Large as well as small and complicated projects can take several months to complete.

Please check information about commissioning a wood carving.

Samples of religious sculptures and catholic statuary by master wood carver and sculptor Fred Zavadil

Carved sculpture of Christus Rex, (Risen Christ sculpture), custom religious statues, Fred ZavadilCarved sculpture of Christus Rex (Customized statue of Risen Christ, stained basswood, religious wood carving by Fred Zavadil

Christus Rex (Christ the King), basswood, religious wood carving by Fred ZavadilChrist the King, custom carved religious statue, basswood,  by Fred Zavadil

St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen, custom catholic statuary, woodcarving by Fred ZavadilSt. Fidelis of Sigmaringen, custom designed and carved catholic sculpture, basswood, carved for St. Fidelis Parish in Toronto, ON

St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen, catholic statues, religious wood carving, Fred ZavadilSt. Fidelis of Sigmaringen, basswood, carved and painted wood catholic statues, Fred Zavadil

Carved sculpture of Padre Pio, basswood, Religious sculptures by Fred ZavadilCarved sculpture of Padre Pio, basswood (catholic statue)

Sculpture of St. Joseph, catholic sculpture, basswood wood carving, Fred ZavadilCustomized carved and painted wood sculpture of St. Joseph, basswood

Carved sculpture of St. Joseph, Religious statues by Fred ZavadilSt. Joseph, customized catholic statue, basswood.

Sculpture of Jesus, custom religious sculptures, Fred ZavadilCustom Crucifix, religious statues by Fred Zavadil

Customized  crucifix, Honduras mahogany

Recent work

April, 2017 - just finishing a customized statue of Good Shepherd for a new church in Tecumseh, ON. Basswood, 5' (150 cm)

Basswood statue of Good Shepherd, customized catholic sculpture, Fred Zavadil

August,  2016, carving a basswood sculpture of Jesus (Carved Corpus) for a new local church

Jesus, custom carved crucifix, basswood, catholic statues, Fred ZavadilCustom carved crucifix


Samples of other religious wood carvings

Hand carved basswood crucifix, stained. Customized catholic statues by Fred Zavadil

Carved and painted wood sculpture of Mary. Custom designed and carved religious statues by Fred Zavadil

 St. Pius X, 12' bronze sculpture (medallion) on an outside wall of a church

Examples of custom religious wood carvings and clay models (basswood, Honduras mahogany)

Pictures of custom carved crosier for a bishop

Carved basswood sculpture of St. John Neumann with children

Carved sculptures of St. John Neumann and children

Custom carved religious sculptures, Fred Zavadil

  Custom carved religious sculptures for St. John Neumann Catholic Church, by Fred Zavadil

Custom carved religious sculptures for St. John Neumann Catholic Church, by Fred ZavadilCustom carved and painted sculptures for St. John Neumann Catholic Church (basswood)

Woodcarving, relief, angelCarved relief on an angel, religious relief wood carving, stained basswood

Wood sculpture of Christus Rex, religious wood carving by Fred Zavadil

Christ the King (Christus Rex), Woodcarving by Fred Zavadil, Basswood

Mary, carved sculpture, Fred ZavadilCarved and painted wood sculpture of Mary, basswood

Please check Fred Zavadil Wood Carving and Sculpting Channel on YouTube to see Fred carving

Wood carving, corpus, Fred Zavadil


Religious Art Restorations and Renovations


Please visit our page showing  tapestries created in cooperation with Celeste Art Studio and take a look at some of our sculpture restorations




Customized  catholic statues, religious sculptures, hand carved wood  crucifix, and statues of saints by master carver Fred Zavadil, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Detroit, Michigan and area.

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