Wood Carving Workshops

Wood carving workshops

We are very sorry but we will not have any workshops in 2018. Fred will only accept few carvers to work with on individual basis – let us know when you would like to come to see if we can work it out.


Our wood carving workshops are designed for 4 days, 9am – 5pm. 4 – 5 people in a group. If you would like to come and work another day or two before or after the workshop, please email us.

Relief wood carving, profile of a woman - project for our wood carving workshops

We have several projects to choose from – all relief carvings. You can also bring your own project and work on it here under Fred’s supervision. If you do not want to carve, you can come to learn some basic sculpting / clay modeling skills (human figure, human head, using oil based clay). Fred accepts only 4-5 students at time which allows him to work on different projects with each of them. Please let us know before the workshop what you would like to do. If you decide for one of Fred’s projects, let us know which one you would like to carve.

You should be able to complete majority of the carving in 4 days, slower or less experienced carvers will need more time. We will also talk about sharpening, finishing, and staining – all you need to do is ask, Fred will gladly share his experience.

You will need to bring your wood carving tools.

Please note that these workshops are not suitable for those who never carved and for very new beginners.

Fred’s studio in Windsor, ON is air-conditioned, well lighted and very clean. Fridge, microwave, coffee, water, and cookies are available …. please bring your lunch. The studio is in our house in Windsor, ON – we are located only 30 miles from Detroit’s airport and 2 miles from Windsor’s airport. Driving direction on Mapquest .

Please contact Fred Zavadil for pricing info, address, phone number or with any other question you might have.

You can see some of Fred’s students working: YouTube Channel


If you would like to get updates on future wood carving workshops, please send email to fred.zavadil@gmail.com and specify that you would like us to send you info about upcoming workshops in the Subject Line.


Watch video: Carving Santa Claus, part 2

Watch video: Carving Santa Claus, part 1


Santa Claus, one of the projects for Fred's wood carving workshops. Relief wood carving, painted and stained
Santa Claus, one of the projects for Fred’s wood carving workshops. Basswood relief carving, painted and stained.

Other projects to choose from: Woodcarving by Fred Zavadil

wood carving, girl with a butterfly, basswood, by Fred ZavadilGirl with a butterfly

Boy with a frog, woodcarving by Fred Zavadil

Wood carving by Fred Zavadil, basswood

Boy with a frog, relief wood carving for Fred's wood carving workshops, stained basswood, Fred ZavadilBoy with a frog, relief wood carving, basswood

Girl with a butterfly, project for our wood carving workshops, relief wood carving, stained basswood
Girl with a butterfly, relief wood carving, stained basswood, project for wood carving workshop

Woodcarving by Fred ZavadilCarved profile of a woman, relief wood carving, basswood

Please check Fred Zavadil Wood Carving and Sculpting Channel on YouTube to see Fred carving

Wood carving, corpus, Fred Zavadil

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